Sam's ShortTakes Unlimited: FAKE, PLASTIC, TOXIC

Thursday, September 27, 2007


These are the three words that best describe some of the people I deal with, right here & right now. The nice people I know are definitely not included in this entry (YOU know who you are).
I am not going to drop names here. So if you get hit by what I've written down, let's just call it even.

Are you FAKE?
For more than two weeks, I've been subjected to really tough situations (at home and at work) which made me rack my skull, "Why do fake people even exist?". I may also be untrue yet I try hard to keep my promises. I may also be a two-faced liar but I don't lie all the time (altho I sometimes lie to save face, hehehe). I could be a cold-hearted person, still I don't feed on other peoples' misery. I am a fake too and I won't even claim to be perfect. What I don't understand: "How do you spot a fake person? Are there any markings, signs or indications of being fake? Can't we just be honest even to the point of being blunt? Why would people lie than tell the truth even if it kills them?

Do you take PLASTIC?
How would you react when you accidentally see a text message with your name on it? That same text message was sent to another person (whom you were able to trace) . That same text message contained bad words about you. That same text message was sent by a a girl who seemed unable to do something like that. Why could anyone be (plastic) and stupid enough not to erase the text message she's sent? Too bad for her, I was able to read it. And too bad for me as well, that's what I got for using someone else's mobile (I ran out of load credits, that's why!)

Toxic substances kill. Not to be swallowed or ingested. Should be kept out of children's reach.
Toxic people can cause a slow, painful, lingering death. Maybe not physical death, but more on emotional death. Toxic people don't care if they hurt others. Toxic people get some kind of weird satisfaction when others squirm uncomfortably. Toxic people, in my opinion, are the worst kind. Rude. Hazardous. Deadly. Contaminated. Evil. But not entirely Invincible.

I feel so bad about what's happening. Why is it that the very people you care about are the ones that hurt you the most? I know I can't always please these people. I can only give what I can give and that is not even enough for them. Sometimes caring, concern and hard work turn into nothing. Remember that even a simple "thank you" can work wonders for a thoughtful deed done. A smile, keeping one's promise, lending a hand, respect, politeness, and all things nice.

Ultimately, it's not even the amount of material wealth we have that counts - It's how we've lived and dealt with the people around. No matter how hurtful, annoying, unfair or bad it may seem, it's still worth a try...all the time. Picking up the pieces can still be an art form and a way of life.



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