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Saturday, July 24, 2010

another day...

after 143 posts later...i am still here...ready once more to vent out (hehe), reach out and redo my seemingly unstoppable de-cluttering of my all-too endless (jokin') doodles via the worldwide web.

so, how are you dear bloggers? to all those who happen to pass by this blog: you are always welcome to browse, leave your comments and just share what you think about the many topics i sometimes, also ponder upon.

like next week, the world will once again look at my country with all kinds of emotions: praise, pride, happyness and some may have negative notions as how real Filipinism is shown by the masa or the common tao.

as such, i am hoping that there won't be much upheaval, riots, dispersal, threats to humanity like: racism, prejudice and other harmful notes that may bespeak of being unwise, unhappy, filled with injustice...

as such, too, i am hopeful that my country and its people, ruling politicos included, will remain humble, humane and always patient amidst all the turmoil that may be brewing unseen by the naked eye, yet felt by the unspoken ideologies that, some may try to turn a blind eye...once more...

have a happy weekend!


Friday, June 11, 2010

just thoughts

change may or may not be a very nice word, sometimes.

it is often said that change is the only word that can change - over time, without being felt, may even be unwelcome, even amongst friends, colleagues and neighbors. from where i am at, we are having a change in the outlay of plans, values, ideas, ideals and ideologies. with or without allowing anyone to, even at a glance or a mere murmur, to inhibit the clause for change, beyond the ordinary, even after the call of duty, albeit the stench of traditional, existential, and, nihilistic adherence of the status quo that may, or may not, blow up in our very own often misjudged, often miscontrued, sometimes misunderstood, mishap, double jeopardy and freedom often taken away - either by brute force, silent demeanor, lethal and or often tactile feelings of absence - from the heart, to the mind, to one's humanity, and existense.

altho, things may often get heated sometimes, volatile to the fact that change may, or may not, take a back seat towards the unrelentless assault, still, grateful inspite of every problem, or worries - freedom is in the air once more - blessed to what's here and now. Often, glad for all the realities, that my or may not bite, still looking forward to all that's within our grasp and to all the imprints of the mind that we are still hoping to achieve, and or may have already achieved.

my take: change
is always a welcome respite to being Pinoy.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

summer thoughts

so, how's your summer vacation's been?

if you're askin' me...mine's been sweltering, svelte and really sweaty (of course, it's a grand summer vacation, hehe). and i've started to really adapt and adopt my neutral tones (that's skin, surfin' and sunbathin'), amidst a lot of shoppe and shop talk with my family, circle of friends and my S.O. (hmm, significant other? or maybe, just maybe: simple overtures that may constitute to a great deal of musicality, notes of theatrical originality, take your pick...), for abbreviations and letters may mean a lot too, or may differ in some sense. you get my drift, naman di ba? (grins)

while on the topic of summertime, one of my fave songs by Richard Marx come to mind: "Endless Summer Nights"...just a few lyrics and i am in my smiley & sunshiny mood again...

...and i remember how you love me
time was all we had until the day you said goodbye
and i remember every moment
all those endless summer nights...

my take: do remember that each day, and, each night will leave a thought of either bliss, or sad memories, these are but pains that both you and I need to go thru...for each day will always be a learning experience and another chance to dwell on the varying shades of life.

ciao, bella!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

another midweek...another perfect day...

as we often quote via radio lite talk, "overcast skies, not a hint of rain, no clouds in sight, it's a perfect day altogether..."

not to claim self-righteousness...but since most of us (who's got a lot of music inclination that often lean toward the mushy, pop, love, alternative lite, jazzy tempos, lite drive, OPM and golden oldies, new wave and novelty songs, etc.), our repertoire is so full of varied undertones, often underlying the fact that most of my colleagues in the biz are: either can't sing but can dance, or, can't dance but can sing, altho some can both sing and dance (just as background dancers, and backUp vocals), hehe. no pun intended.

i recall my college days when we started our own group of singers, and we joined singing contests and sang tunes while waiting for our teachers, after school hours and while waiting for our circle of friends. fun and unforgettable exchange of music notes, guitar, cadence, melodies and memories, too.

as for me, i haven't sang in a really long time. not that i can't carry a tune but...maybe, depending on my mood, like, whether i'm hungry, or thirsty, or whether i am having a smiley, sunshiny day or night.

my school kids often say, "wait a minute...please, just hum a bit and then, who knows?"; "...why does it rain when you sing?"; "...let's just drink water than sing ". as you all know, kids always tell the truth so i'm putting my singing career and musical dreams on hold, for now.

ciao, bella.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

weekend wit, or something like that...

life is startin' to take shape - slowly but surely, safe and healthy.

i may still have that feeling of "outside lookin' in"...altho from where i am at, the weather is always a series of highs and lows, the sudden breeze is always a welcome respite to all the quite toxic tasks of: thinkin' about the so-called political ramifications, the uncanny truths that each of the politicos (and as they say here: trad politicians, and open-minded campaign managers, and all those who comprise every electoral group, sponsors and agile, able and truthful Pinoys , even expats).

yep, the looking glass syndrome is upon me all over again.

like i've always told my friends, if you don't exercise your right to vote - then, you have no right to stand for or against your government, its people and the wandering brouhaha altogether.

as of this writing, i am still thinkin' of what to do next since i still have a lot on my plate: duties, responsibilities, errands to run, promises to keep, my so-called lovelife - always takin' a simple route towards where it should be heading - all that's nonsensical, humdrum, fun, witty, you catch my drift, right? hopefully romantic persons like me are usually on a continuing search for everything that's sweet, intoxicating (even heady, if you like the implication of that word, hehe), amore, and if your heart - with your humaneness and being humane - is to be followed, you may have a lil piece of heaven on this side of the Philippines.

so, off to better things, albeit mundane on some days, and outright "scary" on weekends (hehe, jokin')...but days are generally peaceful - serenity, simplicity, thoughtful, rewarding and often harmony is a cause that's always worth lookin' out for.

to all of the bloggers out there, cheers to another unforgettable weekend!!!


Sunday, April 04, 2010

summer time amidst stillness and silhouette

smokey shadows across the pool of smiles...
with nothing in mind, except you.
beyond, between and in behalf of...
without any bad dreams, even when you are not here.

temperate, tropical, blissfully slow and languid...
without you, without me.
ardent, balmy, blissful, but, silent...
where are you? will we ever be?

crowded, noisy, hazy, albeit a memory...
why are you still feeling all alone?
why am i still crying in silence?
is it you? or will it always be me?

on each balmy evening...
tranquil and hopeful thoughts.
for each tomorrow...
a word of honor, trust, love, and, laughter.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

an etude to march, in advance...

time flies so fast,
how i shall deal with this?
shall it be done with passagio?

or will it be worth all?

is there a way to hold on tight to my evening memories,
or brushes of wispy melodies, to the shoulders that i often cry on...
as time suddenly runs - that it can't be - stopped? or so, seemingly.

my days are often cut short,
my nights are filled with much longing,
as the tide form a wintry cry...waiting to be heard by YOU.

my heart is now, albeit slowly, trying to heed the calling...
waiting for your smile, hoping for your embrace -
AND, after all, each embrace, and each sigh hold a promise -
for all who stay still and those who will never be silenced.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


another mid-february afternoon - amidst tons of errands to run, events to do, duties and responsibilities to act on - i am happy to note that everything is turnin' out just fine...humdrum may seem to be a thing of the past year, as another happy, grateful and kinda sweltering (almost) summertime is upon all of us again...

yep, everyone's (well, almost everyone's, hehe) favorite summertime is almost here (takin' into consideration your topographical location and/or atmospheric conditions) the ranges and changes in tropical climate are slowly bein' felt by where i am at...

i am learning to love the intense heat of the summer sun - as early as today, i am doing my share of purchasing sunblock, lip balm, after-care skin lotion, face and body treatment, hand and nails emollients, quick relief items before camping out again - who knows where summertime roads would lead us again (hint, hint)...

as most of my summer camp friends would say it: "time to hit the roads, surf among the swells of the seas and stay cool inspite of the heat".

thoughts are runnin' fast inside my head as my fingers are kinda unable to type as fact as to how my thinking brain is sendin' out various flashes of ideas, may be new trends to analyze and other note-worthy bits of information goin' on overload, may be - on overdrive...

meanwhile, a lot of new and emerging green ways of recycling and renewable energy sources are cropping out into the open - biodegradable, reusable and revolutionary ways and/or measures that may either thwart, trigger or help save planet Earth - either locally, regionally, communal, nationwide and, maybe, even on a global scale. recent trends on polymer(e), organic vegetables and oil surplus are still untapped to their top level of evolvement, solubility, reaction to other solutes and, whether or not, these may lead to leaching into the soil - and if these recent discoveries are capable of withstanding the intense heat from the sun's rays, affect the water cycle, enable soil erosion, and its effects (good or bad) should likewise be taken into consideration...

from my standpoint (note: i am not claiming self-righteousness or be a miss-know-it-all), these renewable energy sources are always a goldmine of novelty, raw, volatile, harmful, unsteady and improper to even be discovered, less alone be put out into the open. as fear for human survival, food shortage, bush fires, unannounced snowfall, challenging ways of trying to combat the pain of annihilation, intrepid diagnosis or erstwhile and un-ratified prepositions and gargantuan propositions that may either contribute to the decline of an already declining weather span, tidal disputes, unchartered deep ends of the glaciers, uninhabited land areas and maladjusted trivia that could either hamper, deceive, uproot (albeit unintentionally) and pull back all the brave new usage of Nature's ability to renew, to heal, and to provide humankind with another happy day (and night) to look forward to...altho, these ideas and approaches as to how each of us could help in saving planet Earth may seem to be so far-fetched, the hopeful ways from our collective efforts are starting to take shape, as we all look out for each other (even a smile given, a word of appreciation taken, goodwill and laughter shared, food for hugs, meal tickets in exchange for newly-harvested fruits, maybe?)...all these are welcome respite to an unending search for life-changing attitude, ideals, idealism, or truths that would only lay claim to the unfathomed depths of the human mind...

my take; like always, you could either stay inside or outside your comfort zones, stay calm but focused on every task at hand, greet each day with a loud bellow from your achy-breaky lovely day and then take a heartbreaking nosedive into a pool of sleep. irregardless, these are just bits of the happy days, giggly nights, summer hideaways, balmy evenings, unending hugs, post-Valentine kisses, and other humane touches of just bein' there for each other.

these will be for now.
have a very happy day, bloggers!


Friday, February 12, 2010

have a very happy day everyone!!!

it's almost Valentines' all the hopefully romantic, hopelessly romantic and hummingly romantic --- well, happy hearts' day in advance!!!

figure this out: as most would say: valentines' is the most commercialized day ever (sendin' a very happy hearts' day would cost you either a bunch of roses, boxes of chocolates and a repertoire of love songs) - from where i am at - this selling out and/or selling your self on this premise would even leave you to rethink your priorities (whether to stay single, look for a companion, simply look around for true friends or just keep in mind that whatever happens, it's always good to know that your heart will always be in the right place - whether it's the love day, the love month or finding the love of your life)...

lemme just careen into the loving side of my otherwise so-called lovelife, hehe. mind you,'s like a merry mixUp of travelogue, travails, episodes, heartAches, trembling with fiery and imagined nights (or days, maybe) - i am not even sure as to how i will ever come up with the best words to describe the state of my heart nowadays - do i even make sense to you? guess not?! believe me, the trappings of love will never be enough for those who have experienced LOVE in it's truest and noblest sense...LOVE always seem to make the world go 'round...

to the young ones - here's to a kinder and peaceful day of hearts' to you...
to my generation ("30 something na eh...") have a Happy Valentine's Day, in advance!
to all the bloggers out there, same greetings too, go out to you!

tc, always.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

hi there!

a big holler to all the bloggers out there! :)

as we draw nearer to the month of hearts, a lot of activities are in store over here in naga city "an maogmang lugar", and the rest of the bicol region (examples: concerts, road trips, fun times, birthday celebrations, Valentines' Day (syempre!) and a batch of happy times altogether!

yup, i sure am glad that fab and fun days are here again!

yey! don't you just love the smell of each morning (upon waking up, after saying your prayers, folding the laundry, hanging up the wash and serving each other and sharing happiness with a glorious and fantastic hooo-hooo!

these will be for now.
have a wonderful day, everyone!

ciao, bella.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

hola !!!

happy new year to all the bloggers out there!!!

ten days after 2010, it seems that each of the sun's rays have bestowed upon all of us - thru it's glorious and sunshiny effects - everything will always be possible !!! (grins)

at least, all of us will have enough rest and recreation - daytime, midday, early evening and even after midnight - Cheers!

so now, i am back on track with you and here's to a very happy 2010 - well, at least for the 1st quarter (smiles)...

over here in naga city 'an maogmang lugar' : marhay na aga po saindo gabos.

greetings to my soul sister zj: musta na po ika? (regards to R, pls. tnx)

...and to our high school batch standard bearer (bong!!!!) ... "be good" (salutations!)

hmmm...let's check the weather from where i am at...lemme see - overcast skies, a bit gloomy, kinda cold, no sign of rains (yet!), it's a truly perfect weekend altogether - hola ka dyan sa mga taga-radio-tv-trimedia-quadliners-and to the Fellows - EXCELSIOR!!!

wait a minute or a mili-second (is it?)...
chuvaness-happyness-hugs-and-KeepItShortBUTSweet (K.I.S.S.)
...gimme a penny (thots), a nickle (mwah) or a dime (grins) ;
sendin' all of you my 'best regards' ...

these will be for now.
ciao, bella.

ps. musta na lang po saindo gabos.
tc always.


Saturday, November 28, 2009


hello everyone and welcome to another day of work, of play and doing all sort of stuff - with or without your significant other, would-be partner and friendship galore!!!
lemme see - where all these will lead me to - either with another feather on my cap, a rim above the block with obviously no qulams in between...
still on shell-shock move, i'm here again - going against the cool level headiness of sublime climactic changes, looking forward to all the strangeness, amidst the struggle where we may compete with all that's heady, hearty and downwhat funny!!
smile, i'll be always.


Monday, November 09, 2009

hola, bloggers!!!

hi are things from your end? i've been kinda busy taking care of errands - that's the reason for this much-delayed update.

anyhoo, i'm really hopin' that all of you are feelin' great and stayin' healthy for the working week that we are havin' right now. over here in naga city, the weather's fine, at least we are enjoyin' a sunshiny day. :)

tnx for keepin' in touch!!!


Monday, September 07, 2009

ICSCJ 2009

it's always an honor to represent my batch (17th batch: the GREEN Batch of the Society of Junior Fellows) - whenever there is a chance to do so...

so i won't be revealing my age here (or that of my SJF batchmates) - you know who you are...



After Another Long Weekend...

how have you been guys?

for sure, everyone in the Philippines - are getting ready for another busy week up ahead. time really flies so fast when you are havin' fun - just as they say in a song from the 80's - was it Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine???!!! (insert smiley here please).
anyhoo, i hope that all the bloggers out there are also takin' stock of what's been happenin' all around - from politics to racketering, climate change to renewable energy sources, from loving to staying single and from bein' blue to thinkin' GREEN!
from whatever lane you choose in this soulful path of life, just be very sure that you will learn a little something from each step you take. that each curve leads you to great learning every time. and that the people you love will always be there to share each day & night with you...
well, these will be for now.
ciao, bella!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Soundtrippin on a September Mornin'

hola bloggers!

i'm here again..just making chika to all of you out there. first off, it's another nice friday (and the weekend's upon us already!!!) ain't it grand that we have another billfold to think about (yey!). so instead of just moping around, why don't we go that happy place inside our hearts and say: chuvanes! hahaha, smile bloggers!
tc always. catch you again soon...ciao, bella!


Maogmang Setyembre!!!

hola bloggers!

ilang tulog na lang, fiesta na ulet dito sa naga city & the rest of the Bikol region...hopefully, you could come and visit our Maogmang Lugar. as we say here in naga city - "Saen an sibog?" (Read: saan ang tsibog? hahaha). quite true, huh? so, bloggers and friends - have a nice day! Will update you with the details of our annual Fiesta real soon!

ciao, bella!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

hello bloggers!!!

to all the bloggers out there...mwah, wala lang!!! just happy to be on the right track again...ciao guys, i'm quite busy with a lot of stuff lang...pramis, i'll keep you all posted with what's goin' on from my end...don't forget to eat, stay clean, hobnob and be happy...pray too! mwah guys and gals!
ciao bella!!!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

life buoy (byuwee)

life is a series of continuous
unfolding expectations
it takes you by surprise
and leave you breathless.

love is life's precious gift
filled with distinct possibilities
it brings you to the heights
and could dump you to the depths.

life means you.
love means you and me
together we have life
love will make us one.

then, it is a full circle!
life happens...
LOVE comes after.


SHERYL CORNEJO: if two hearts were meant to mattre how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems...SERENDIPITY will bring them together to share a life forever.
SAM MILANO: if these two hearts would ever meet, it should be for all the right reasons...fate, destiny, fate, kismet, chance encounter, fortunate incident, SERENDIPITY . but what if fate interferes? would they be like romeo and juliet ' star-crossed lovers' til eternity?


Saturday, April 04, 2009

just can't get enough of FAB!!!

I do have a LOT to be thankful for!
Regardless of how my heart aches with every disappointment, inspite of all the bitchy innuendos from my so-called 'friends' ( i don't need these crappy she-devils, hehe), amidst every hurtful powerplay, endless mind games and unbearable silence...I AM SO READY TO TAKE IT ALL IN!
Bring it on! I don't give a hoot if anyone (bitch or devil) wants to make mincemeat out of me. I'm way beyond caring. Haha, make me squirm if you want. I won't budge. Hehe, get your kind of high and try to put some dent on my nasty exterior. See if you can learn a thing or two from messing with me. It won't even matter anymore if you intend to make me angry since I am always 'anger brewing personified' (yep, you need to exert a great deal of effort to make me angrier).
After much thought and silence, I came to the conclusion that people (specifically MEAN girls!) will do everything to pierce that happy bubble you've been immersed in. Nasty words, nasty thoughts, nasty gossip, everything! Strange why these MEAN girls would even try to squirm their non-existence into your very exciting life. Bakit ba gusto pang umeksena ng mga babaeng ito sa buhay mo? Get a life 'ho! Try to find someone else to harrass, hehe.
Anyhoo, I am just going with the flow. Adapting a fatalistic attitude to all that's FAB in my life right now. If it happens, it happens. Just accepting that shit is there all the time. How I deal or un-deal with all that's bad is ultimately up to me. Sadness is always a part of the happy equation. Striking a balance makes life more intoxicating and challenging. Challenge is my other middle name. Nothing perks me up (aside from a cup of home-brewed coffee) more than a a new challenge every time. And I usually get things done (I revel in my personal achievement because I never take advantage of anyone just to achieve glory. I give due to anyone who's lent me their precious time & expertise. I don't gloat. I simply say a very heartfelt 'thank you').
AND To my rainbow, my honeypie, my babe, my friend and my special guy: I will always be here to love you. We may not have all that's perfect in this lifetime, at least ours is always a work in progress. We may not always have sunshine all day but we will always have moonlight to keep our nights dreamy. We may never fight loud because we've found our special way of talking without getting personal. We may not always have a lot of time together but our time apart makes us look forward to being with each other. The world may not allow us to loudly declare our unconditional love because we know where we stand in this relationship. Without question, without any doubt, I am here for you. Your silent strength gives me a reason to look beyond the insanity that creeps into my life every now and then. I always thank Him for keeping you safe. Thank you for being you and I couldn't ask for more.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Aba! Valentine's Day 2009 na pala sa Sabado! Hehe.
Yep, the most commercialized day of the year is almost here. Ain't that grand? Romantic gestures, sexual undertones, chocolates, roses, wine, candlelit dinners, dates, kisses and everything that speaks of LOVE. There's even a so-called Black Valentine, which I've been an avid believer for almost three years. Not because of being loveless for quite some time but simply because the color black has such a very mysterious yet formal appeal to me.
But for this year, I may still wear black on the 14th. With a hint of print here and there, just not solid black anymore. I may not have a romantic date lined up on that day since we've decided to go out on feb 15 instead. In his words, "Dai kita maluwas sa valentine ta baduyon yan!". I just had to laugh at how he said those words. I had to agree with him, with a cringe too. Tables will be reserved, rooms will be fully booked, rates will be skyhigh, flowers will be impossibly unaffordable. You get the idea, right? And there's nothing wrong with a post-Valentine date, or a pre-Valentine date for that matter. Even a Valentine date, if that's your thing. What's important is: you both love each other unconditionally, everyday and every night. Whatever happens.
Here's my take on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. For almost three months, I've been like a fish out-of-water. Altho I wasn't really sure where my feelings would lead me to, I gave it my best shot. Lambing, suyo, oras, papansin, may gifts pa! Much time, much patience, much love, much respect for him. Even when he was treating me with a not-too loveydovey friend muna tayo kind of affection (darn!), I still held on. I had to endure sleepless nights, cried some, lived on bits of his attention. All through it all, I continued my prayers.
Last Tuesday before I signed off from work, I sent him my goodbyes. It was such an empowering feeling to be able to tell him how much hurt he's caused me. Sad though with the idea that we never had the chance to really talk things over and maybe, give our relationship another chance. Had to move on, so I shrugged my shoulders and went out into the biting cold.
The next day, he came by. Deadma. Silence again. He stood too close for comfort. He smelled soooo gooood! I was only too aware of how he smelled - an irresistible blend of clean male scent, freshly-showered, and the cologne I gave him for Christmas! Aw gawd! Haha, I really controlled myself from grabbing his hand! When he left, I sat down and placed both of my hands on my forehead (aww sh_t talaga!, hehe). Then the silly grin never left my face for about 20 minutes.
Fasttrack to Friday, Feb. 6 - I was looking forward to making a vodka infusion with ripe pineapples for jammin' time with 2 friends over the weekend. As I was spacing out infront of the TV, I heard my mobile phone beep. Glancing over my inbox, there were two messages from him. What does he have to say this time? Two messages asking where I was, if I'm angry AND if I'm still angry. I called him, told him that I'm not angry, can never be angry at him.
"How are you?", he said.
"I have highblood because you took me for granted", I replied.
"You've been quarrelling me that's why", him.
"Really? And when was that?" I followed that up with "So, are we ok now?"
"Yes!", he affirmed.
"Promise?", I asked.
"Promise!", he confirmed.
But that was not enough for me...
"You could at least talk to me in person right now. Are you going to fetch me or we'll just meet somewhere?", I prodded.
"I will fetch you there. I'm going to your house right now," was his answer.
"Ok, make it around 8pm. I will just wash my face".
"I'll go there now", he insisted.
I freshened up, took my time eventhough he was already outside waiting for me.
He drove along the highway and started talking...
"When I read your messages I thought that you're really angry at me. You were saying goodbye! I got drunk last Tuesday night because I don't want you to say goodbye to me".
"And how do you think I felt when I heard that you're getting married next year?", I inquired.
"Who told you that? It's just talk".
"If you think you're the only one who have sources, I have my sources too."
"Who do you think I'm getting married to next year?"
"That's up to you", I retorted.
We never really had any heated argument. Instead, it turned out to be a fun and pleasant open forum. He never got passed his one and only excuse: I was quarreling him because he never responded when I asked: when did that happen. Finally, we were really able to talk about how things should go between us.
"You know, our 6th months is coming up soon," I reminded him.
"Yes, on Monday", he said.
"So, what's your plan? Are we going to start all over again, back at 1?".
"No, let's continue on to our 6th month. Let's forget all about the sad things that took place", his answer.
"You're going to make me cry again".
"Again?" He hugged me.
"Can I hear it?", I whispered while I listened to his heartbeat.
"I love you".
"I love you too. Can I kiss you now?".
His lips are always so kissably soft.
He had to smile when I told him that.
He took me home early. As we cruised along the busy highway, he started to sing. I was doing backup vocals. We sang together for the first time. He was really singing out loud, even way louder than the beeping horns of passing cars.
Another answered prayer. It was a happy night, for both of us.


Friday, January 16, 2009


Yey! The weekend's upon us again! Isn't it amazing how days whiz by so fast - there and not there - in a heartbeat. Each day, nuance and sidelight could evoke all kinds of emotions. Adverse thoughts, too. A lot of laughter, a bit of pain, a load of frustration, a pinch of jealousy perhaps, or a combination of everything you go through. Workday or lazy day, it won't even matter. As long as there is learning and the chance to contribute to human greatness, there won't be any room for doubt, pressure or frustration. Carpe diem! Sieze the day! (Or in this case, seize the weekend!)
My work week is not yet over though. Still have a day's work waiting for me tomorrow, Saturday. A few more notches to tie, some loose ends to fix and time to prep up for next week's tasks. Better be on the lookout for whatever (SURPRISE!!!) lies ahead. Well, this only applies to me, given the sort of work environment I'm in: a pit of cramped, muddled, bottomless, endless smorgasboard. Pretty exciting, don't you think?
One of my tasks include handling tons of paperwork. Everything M.A.J.O.R., literally, begins from my work station. If there's a perk I enjoy at work, that would be meeting and talking to all types of people. I love it! As much as I enjoy talking, I'm also a good listener. Anecdotes keep me alive. Comic timing is a rare treat. Especially if it's heard from another person's point-of-view...
IS THIS SEAT TAKEN? Have you ever wondered why some banks don't have those numbered paper thingies anymore? That was my personal question 3 days before Christmas last year while I lined up at this bank. The same question was finally answered when I went to the same bank for work-related reasons this afternoon. Mr. Bank Manager regalled me with his 3-pronged analysis to his bank's decision to remove those numbered paper thingies. It was such a laugh trip! Mr. Bank Manager, seemingly poker-faced, with twinkling eyes and a colorful language repertoire, really leaves me in stitches! 1st: Supposedly, it was never their intention to make their clients sit on 50 seats until they reach the designated teller for each transaction. Instead, the process of lining up should have been this way: Imagine 50 seats (10 per row). As soon as the 1st 10 seats/clients have been served by the tellers, the next row of clients occupying the succeeding 10 seats should move up to the 1st row, so on and so forth. Thus, it won't be "sit down, sit down" on 50 seats but only "sit down, sit down" on 5 seats per client! But, this setup never materialized because of clients innate mitrust between themselves. 2nd: This is a good way to catch unscrupulous people posing as bank clients. He said, what's the point of waiting in line (read: 50 seats) just for the heck of it and not having any legit transaction at all? A shady character could be lurking behind hooded eyes, someone may be planning a holdup (hopefully not!) or another only wants to make the most out of the bank's airconditioned premises. Can you believe that some would even go to lengths and sell the number thingies they have to those who want to get ahead of the line! 3rd: The practice of "advance party" at the bank was minimized. In his words: "Nagkakarigos pa ngani ngaya su totoong kliyente, pero may pinakua na syang enot nin numero dawa bako man sya ito! Unfair man na maabot sya digdi na nakapag-lipstick na asin bagong karigos habang an iba nag-iskusar na maglinya and maghalat na apudon an saindang numero..." (read: the bank client leisurely takes a bath while another person takes a number for him. It's unfair that he/she goes to the bank looking good & freshened up while there are other bank clients who patiently wait for their turn..."). Very light-hearted explanation, right?
MINI CHANGES MAKE HIM A LITTLE BIT MORE...MINE? Hopefully, again and soon! Or it could be just wishful thinking. Call me hopeless. My oh my! I like it when a man takes charge of his life, his work, his passions and his daily challenges. Keeping busy because he's tired of just standing around in between projects, minimizing his usual dose of nightly sessions with beer buds and being more responsible. He has style & flair that never screams "Hey, look at me! I'm THE man!" (that's purely pathetic!). Instead, he holds that silent strength of character which can be compared to the delightfulness of an ecstatic moan. He is sexy, strong, smart, sweet and has a great smile. His eyes are like "liquid honey or dark molasses-mesmerizing-piercing without any bad intent". Irresistible, yes. But, a tad out-of-reach for me, for now. How it's come to this? It's entirely his decision and I respect that. Altho most of the time i just want to ask him for a hug! Haha. I'm just being a girl, seemingly content with making goo-goo eyes, drooling, daydreaming, loving every glance & keeping a safe distance. Until when? Hmmm.
Happy weekend, y'all!

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